Vocals, Lead Guitar, Lyricist


Ken grew up in Rutherford N.J. At age 11 later

 moved to Eureka, MT. Growing up in the late 60's 

and 70's, Ken was influence by a variety of music, 

but always had a love and feel for the Blues. 

Ken respects traditional Blues, but his style leans

more towards his biggest influences, SRV, Robin Trower,

Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Gary Moore and Warren Haynes.

Jimi said it best,  "the Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."


Ken plays with a lot of feel and loves to be playing in a 

Solid Power Trio, performing original music.

Ken is most thankful for his Love for the Lord.  

Most of what Ken writes is spiritually influenced.

He says,"It's awesome to perform a tune that's accepted

at Church and also in the mainstream.  Someone once said 

Ken plays God Rock and God said... Right on!

Chris Coen

Chris Coen has a broad range of influences but finds himself most
comfortable in the creative setting of original composition.

He started playing Upright Bass in 1988 where he continued his classical
instruction until 1992. He then switched to electric bass and immediately starting
playing with local area musicians in various original bands and projects.

Chris found a long term project with Ken Sederdahl and Ron Foster
in winter of 1998 where Blue Onion was formed which led to over a decade
playing local shows, regional festivals, and recording projects. A personal injury
ended his role as bass player for Blue Onion, but kept in contact with
Ken Sederdahl over the years and occasionally provided fill in appearances.  

Now playing under the KJMB banner, Chris finds himself familiar with
many of the songs from their original Blue Onion days and enjoys serving
the music, laying down deep pocket grooves.

Along with electric blues, Chris still enjoys playing his Upright Bass
for those acoustic jams and continues to play bass every Sunday morning
worship at the First Church of the Nazarene in Kalispell Montana.

Greg Sewell

"Greg worked with me in the touring, power trio band,

The Francisco Bro`s Band.  

Later Greg joined another established 

touring band,

 Simultaneous Avalanche.

Greg joined me to record my second album, 

FBB, The Word is Out. 

We then worked in Nevada and 

Greg rose up to the highest
performance levels each and every night.

Greg moved back home to Montana where he has performed with

 Guitar George McGuire Big Daddy and the Blue Notes,

Steve Livingston and with too many bands to name. Greg is now playing

with the Kenny James Miller Band, another power trio, his personal preference.

In the 40 years I have known and worked with Greg, he has consistently

studied, learned and practiced to improve his performance

In my career, having worked with many talented drummers,

I still prefer Greg as the best for me and my music.

There are so many words that describe Greg; committed, loyal, engaged, honest

and caring are just a few that describe my friend. 

All traits that are needed to make great music, in my opinion ..........

~Val Francisco

singer/song writer, guitarist, entertainer...........